Masjid GibraelEstablished in 1987,Masjid Gibrael to serve the needs of Muslims in San Gabriel, Alhambra and surrounding communities. The Masjid provides a religious and educational environment that meets the growing needs of our diverse and ever-expanding Muslim community.
Masjid currently provides an open facility that hosts the five obligated prayers on a daily basis, Friday congregational/Juma’a prayers, weekly lectures, family events, youth programs, Ramadan iftars and Qiyam prayers. Facilities include a Mens’ and Womens’ prayer hall, multipurpose rooms, playground, and a Sunday school.

Prayer Chart (Updated 09/28/2016)


Friday Khutbah start 1:00PM
Isha 8:15PM
Fajr 6:00SM
Zuhr 1:15PM
Asr 5:00PM
Maghrib 5 Minutes after sunset

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