Muslim Cemetery

San Gabriel Muslim Cemetery “Every soul shall have a taste of death” “Quran 3:185″ From the (earth) did we Create you, and into it shall we return you, and from it shall we bring you out once again” “Quran 20:55″

With the increase in number of Muslims in Southern California, a need comes for providing Islamic Funeral and Burial Services which will adhere to strict Islamic Sharia and teachings (Sunna) of the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) by burying Muslims without a casket (box) and also be affordable to Muslims.



Services Available
Complete Burial and Funeral Services Include:
• Picking up deceased from place of death.
• Prepare all necessary related documents and death certificates from Doctors, coroner Offices, and Hospitals.
• Obtain Permit for Disposition of Deceased in the Islamic Mortuary and Cemetery in Duarte.
• Perform (Ghusl): Washing the deceased and Shrouding.
• Offer Janaza Prayer at the Masjid Praying Area.
• Opening and Closing Graves.
Project Detail
Our Community owns 100 graves at the San Gabriel Muslim Cemetery. We have an offer to purchase 126 more graves. Once you buy the space we give them a Certificate.

To buy a grave for yourself or your loved one Select the Plan Below.
Plan(a)   $600 Down —-    $100 Per Month for 19 months
Plan(b)   $600 Down —-    $50 Per Month for 38 months
Plan(c)   $300 Down —-    $100 Per Month for 22 months
Plan(d)   $300 Down —-    $50 Per Month for 44 months

There a three components to each Burial.
i. The space $2500
ii. Opening & closing of grave $1600
iii. Mortuary Services between $1900 and $2500
Additional charges will apply Saturday services additional $500 , Sunday Services additional $900

The mortuary services include picking of body, freezing it, washing, taking the required permits and bringing it for burial.

They are certified by the State of California to pickup body and bring it to us for burial. They take the body from anywhere.Next day the family members need go to the Mortuary and pay required fee for mortuary services and also take relatives to wash the body.
The Muslim Mortuary provides one person at $100 to help with the washing. The rest are family members. They need at least three family members.

The Mortuary will deal with Hospital for body release, They will work with Coroners Office to get the Certificate.

We pray to Allah that you take the opportunity and donate generously to help paying the expenses of the project and offer free service to the poor and remember that the Prophet (PBUH) said “Whoever offers a Muslim a grave will be rewarded the equivalent of a house rent for him until the day of judgment.” In case you can’t donate, tell another Muslim who can.
At Turner & Stevens Live Oak Memorial Park
200 E. Duarte Road, Monrovia, CA 91016 Phone  626-359-5311.
Driving Direction – Click here
 Certificate of Death Form
Consumer guide to Funeral & Cemetery Purchases

For funeral arrangements please contact Brother Nisar Hai 626 202 – 7560 or Brother Hajee at 818 521 -3133, Brother Shaik Najim 626 404 -6145 , Brother Riaz Khan  626 232 -0056