Career Advice

ROP Classes
Why should you participate in the Los Angeles County Regional Occupational Program (LACOROP)?

  • To learn a job skill
  • To advance your career goals
  • To create a personal portfolio
  • To obtain work experience and on-the-job training
  • To receive high school credits
  • To prepare for advanced career training

Who Should Enroll

  • Students 16 years or older
  • Students in grades 11 or 12
  • Students or adults needing job training
  • Students or adults with special needs

Our Mission
The Los Angeles County Regional Occupational Program is a collaborative of the Los Angeles County Office of Education and member Districts to deliver quality career preparation.
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The Department of Human Resources is offering the Online Test Preparation System to help applicants prepare for County examinations. Learning Academy applicants may use it to prepare for Certificate Course Qualifying Tests.

Employment Training Panel
The Employment Training Panel (ETP) trains employees and may offer cash
reimbursements, which average $1,000 – $1,500, in respect of each employee trained a minimum of 40 hours and retained on a job for 90 days. ETP has paid more than $762 million in training funds since its inception, with more than 600,000 California workers trained.

Career Partners
Career Partners in Rosemead provides consulting and customized training (with ETP
funding) designed to meet specific workforce and management training needs. As a One-Stop Center, Career Partners is continually expanding its primary mission of preparing unemployed persons and displaced workers for their return as productive members of the labor force.

To accomplish this, Career Partners works closely with local businesses and governmental bodies to find and screen job candidates, assist in training them, and, in general, provide innovative solutions to workforce problems.

Funding for these programs is derived from the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) as administered through the Los Angeles County Department of Community and Senior Services. These funds primarily support the adult and youth employment training programs and serve as the foundation of Career Partners’ activities.

LA Works
LA Works in Irwindale is a One-Stop Workforce Development center that provides a wide range of professional services to businesses, including recruitment and staffing services, training and development, resource information, outplacement services and business retention.

Skilled LA Works professionals can provide you with access to comprehensive career and labor market information, job placement and economic development information, performance, and program information on service providers and more.

Foothill WIB
Foothill WIB (Workforce Investment Board) in Pasadena is a comprehensive One-Stop Career serving the San Gabriel Valley foothill cities; Arcadia, Duarte, Monrovia, Pasadena, Sierra Madre, and South Pasadena, and the community of Altadena.

The center offers resources and services to both employers and job seekers. Resources include: Computer lab, computer training lab, connection to CalJobs job match system, job seekers resource lab with computers, and workshop-conference rooms

The EDD’s (Employment Development) job service program serves the State’s 850,000 employers and about 1 million job seekers that register for services each year. CalJob’s computer based system, electronically cross-references qualified job applicants with employer’s job openings.

Workers’ Compensation Specialist
Insurance Educational Association

Start point: Introduction to Workers’ Compensation
For students new to the workers’ compensation industry and having less than six-months experience, IEA recommends our Introduction to Workers’ Compensation Course. Available online or in-class.
Tele Course Online Instructor-Led
In-Class 2 day Seminar

Followed by:
California Workers Compensation Claims Administration Certificate
· CA 10 – Workers’ Compensation Claims
· CA 11 – Workers Compensation Claims Advanced
· CA 12 – Medical Coordination of Workers’ Compensation Claims
· CA 14 – Return to Work and Disability Management in the WC System
· CA 16A – Permanent Disability Rating and AMA Guides