Sunday School

Our Mission
Founded by the Masjid Gibrael of Southern California in 1998, the Sunday School is committed to teaching the Arabic language and providing Islamic education to children of the Muslim community. The Sunday School is dedicated to nurturing spiritual growth and developing God consciousness through the teachings of Islam and the Qur’an.

Our Vision
The Sunday School aims to develop, for its students, self-assurance as American Muslims with a commitment to honoring family, community involvement, and respecting others. The Sunday School strives to instill ethical values in the students towards becoming productive and responsible members of our society.

Our Goals
•Developing an American Muslim Identity;
•To provide basic knowledge of the five pillars of Islam;
•Teaching students the Arabic language as a means of communication and understanding the Quran;
•Guiding students to use Qur’anic principles and moral strength in their daily lives;
•Developing God consciousness and using prophetic examples as a model to be emulated throughout life;
•Fostering responsibility to God, society, and the environment.

The Islamic Studies books from Weekend Learning Publishers are based on a comprehensive 10-year curriculum. The curriculum covers broad aspects of Islam based on the Qur’an and authentic Hadith. The lessons in the curriculum are presented in a logical, systematic manner to suit the teaching needs of a weekend Islamic school or home school. Topics are selected based on age, grade and the learning level of each grade.
Please go through this website, and see the sample chapter from the books being used to teach.

Please find the List of books needed for your kids based on the class he will be joining,

Sunday School offer classes for kids ages from 4 – 18 years covering KG to 8 level. School start sharp at 10:00 am and close at 1:30 Pm after Zuhr Prayer Every Sunday except Holiday.

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